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We’ve all been there – you and your friends decide to cram into the enclosed photo booth because you know you have to have a keepsake from the event. But, now you and your friends are feeling trapped in a photo booth that is so tight you actually forget for a moment that you aren’t on a subway in Hong Kong. It’s hot, cramped, and somebody just elbowed you in the ribs. Like three times. Still, when knowing there is no other alternative, we must prepare, smile and get a decent photo.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the new generation of the “open-air”, kiosk style photobooth, you’ll be able to stretch your legs and breath in the fresh air while snapping your timeless pic.

A new San Diego photo booth that gives you the photo booth photos, without the cramped experience.

The open air photo booth, like indybooth here in San Diego, is a great alternative to the enclosed booth from the days of carnivals and mini malls. Here’s how it works…


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The camera is set up on a kiosk style camera stand, complete with a touch screen panel on the front and professional grade lighting on the back.  The touchscreen is the perfect way to see yourself and do one last check-up before the lights flash. Once your masterpiece is captured, you’ll be able to share the photo to social media directly from the touchscreen panel. But the best part of all…

The picture is completely customizable.  From the backdrop to the print template itself, you have control over everything the photo takers see. Prior to setting up your wedding photo booth, or if you’re using the booth at a corporate party, you’ll have all the options laid out to make your selections. Go with a gold backdrop and the photo strip layout for a classic photo booth look, or, choose a 4×6 print with marble backdrops for something more contemporary.  The choice is yours when you’re in the open air.

Group photo booth photos just got a whole new dimension.

With enclosed photo booths, there’s always the elephant in the room.  The max capacity in those things is about 4 people. That means one of your friends isn’t going to make the cut, and that’s no fun at all. With our open air photo booth, you could literally take a picture of the elephant in the room. That’s how much space you have to work with (okay maybe a baby elephant, but that’s way cuter anyway and you get the point).

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We’ve seen up to 15 people in one photo. Seriously. Once all the chaos of getting everyone into the picture is captured in the frame, you’ll have a photo that makes you chuckle and remember just how crazy your event was. Not to mention, photo bombing opportunities are endless.  But most importantly, you’ll remember how much fun you had. And so will everyone else.

The photo booth itself is an aesthetically pleasing piece of the setting

You’ve just spent months planning out your event, down to every last detail. The look and feel are everything.  The last thing you want is some clunky monstrosity in the corner throwing off your groove.  The open air photo booth is essentially camera + backdrop. And they look good all by themselves. Their sleek and modern design will have the whole setup blending in perfectly with your venue.  Not to mention, if you are host a corporate event, the photo booth itself can be wrapped with your company logo for that extra little touch of corporate branding on the event.

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If you’re ready to free yourself from the enclosure and get creative with a fully customizable open air booth, go ahead and drop us a line. We love San Diego weddings, corporate events, soirees, fundraisers, etc. 🙂

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Photo booths are more popular now than ever. People are booking booths for any type of event. Weddings, corporate parties, family reunions, birthday parties, you name it! When going with a photo booth rental for your party, the kiosk or “open air” style is all the rage. With the kiosk photo booth, you have the option of a custom backdrop and much more space to fit large groups into the picture. Who doesn’t love that? Of course, you want to make sure you are booking the best possible booth for your event with all the bells and whistles that today’s technology has to offer. So, we put together a list of the top three things you should look for to make make sure you’re getting the most out of your photo booth rental.

Does your photo booth have Social Media access?

3..2..1..Pose! You and your friends have just taken the perfect pic complete with silly poses and spectacular props…now what? Of course, you’ll want to share your masterpiece with all your friends and family right away. Well, if your photo booth comes complete with social media sharing then your wish shall be granted. Simply log into your Facebook or Instagram account directly from the booth and post your creation for the world to see. This option is a must have for any modern photo booth.

Does your photo booth offer customized print templates?

Nothing gives your pics that extra something special like a custom template made specifically for your event. Whether it’s a company logo for your corporate party or beautiful handwritten names of the bride and groom for their wedding, the custom print template will make your pictures even more memorable. Find a photo booth rental company that will use your own logo or even create one for you. It makes all the difference!

Are there video GIF options for your session?

Pics and prints are great, however, sometimes your guests are going to want something a little different. GIF and video options offer just that! Your guests will be able to get even more creative during their session and these options capture the moment in the best way. Now, since we can’t print a video out onto a picture (unless you live in the world of Harry Potter), then the social media access becomes more important to your guests.

There you have it! If your photo booth rental hits all three of these must-have options, then your booth will be a sure-fire hit at your event. At indybooth, we offer the best photo booth on the market, so we have you covered on all the photo booth essentials. We want your next event be a smash, and with an indybooth at the center of the action, rest assured you won’t miss a single moment.