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About indybooth

Who is indybooth?

We are the modern photo booth for contemporary events (Translate to: We are hip, trendy, and fun). Our photo booth is not the same enclosed box you remember from carnivals and mini malls. Our booth is an experience in itself. We are flexible. If you are having a trendy, Boho style wedding with ALL OF THE SUCCULENTS – we will be there with a photo setting that fits seamlessly into your wedding theme. If it’s a corporate event, our booth will bring the party to help your guests to let loose and give them a night they won’t forget. Our ultimate goal is to prove to everyone that a photo booth is an essential part of every event.

Why us?

We make it easy. Our staff knows we are working with brides, event coordinators, venue managers, etc. – aka all people who have the stressful task of assembling multiple vendors at once for their event. If we can be the one vendor out of the pack that was ridiculously easy to work with, we are successful in our minds.  We try and do everything a little differently. Flexible service, innovative designs, and unique props are our specialty (which are sourced from vintage shops and online businesses alike). We’re always striving to find new ways to give you the best photo booth experience possible.

San Diego, CA

indybooth is a local company founded right here in San Diego. We are located in North Park, and we love it here. We believe in giving back to the community, which is why we do at least one charity event a month for local causes.  We want to create quality moments for everyone we can because we believe photos are the best way to cherish those special events that are worth remembering.

indybooth was born while we were planning our own wedding.

For our engagement party, we created a DIY photo booth using their DSLR camera, floodlights, a PVC backdrop frame, and some wrapping paper. Surprisingly, the jerry-rigged photo booth set-up was a huge hit! After seeing the enjoyment our guests got out of the homemade booth, we decided that our new mission in life was to offer a top of the line photo booth to everyone we could in San Diego.

So, riding the wave of inspiration, we started indybooth.  For us, the best part of each event is watching people really let loose in the booth.  Nothing brings a smile to our face more than seeing the bride’s solemn father hopping into the frame with a huge smile rocking a sweet prop mustache. Those pictures will be cherished.

Every event is crazy in its own way, at that’s exactly what we hope indybooth helps capture- those silly moments that will make you smile for years to come. When we’re not hunting for the best props in the world, you can find us roaming the streets of North Park enjoying delicious beers and tasty bites. Thanks for stopping by!

-Nicole and Paul

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